The only salt inhaler with controlled emission of dry salt aerosols for the treatment of respiratory disorders.
High efficacy
in the treatment of respiratory disease including cold and flu prevention and treatment
Fast acting:
One hour use per day has a similar therapeutic effect to one day in a natural salt mine
Natural treatment
with no reported side effects
Easy to use
even for small children
SaltMed inhaler is one of the most innovative saline aerosol device, with proven efficacy. The SaltMed cartridge is a completely natural product and contains only salt from natural salt mine.
SaltMed ensures a constant and controlled emission of active salt particles. More than 90% of the salt particles have an optimum size between 1 - 5 microns. This is very important because only this size has the ability to penetrate both the upper and lower respiratory tract to the deepest level to create a specific therapeutic action.
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